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Garden Sofa Furniture Guarantee

A large part of our success is down to customer referrals, and we take pride in the guarantee we offer on our rattan garden furniture.
We take a lot of care in design and production to make sure all our garden sofa sets are of the highest possible quality and give our customers many years of satisfaction.

All of our garden furniture items come with a two (2) year manufacturer’s guarantee, which covers product replacement/repair. This covers product issues due to quality of craftsmanship.

Over the last 2 years we have only had to replace one small chair unit (that was damaged in transit), as we inspect all our rattan outdoor furniture before it is dispatched to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

The prime advantage of PU rattan is that it is extremely hard wearing and requires no maintenance. Please take a look at our Milan garden sofa in the video below. All cushion covers can be easily unzipped and machine washed, but if you would like to buy new ones, perhaps even in a different colour, you can of course order these from our website.

The actual rattan units in the video below are all over 2 years old and have been left outside during 2 winters, but they still looks like new! All we did was replace the cushion covers with new ones.

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