If you are on a small budget but want to add extra space to your home, then you may consider adding a Lean to conservatory.

Although you may think these are very expensive if you shop wisely and build it yourself, they are very affordable. Rather than deciding on a full conservatory, you can choose a lean-to design.

Lean to ConservatoryThese are far cheaper, but will still give you the much-needed room that you and your family need. Lean to designs are very versatile and practical. They can be added with ease you do not need any specialised building skills.

Often kitchens will look out onto the garden, so adding a lean to there is ideal, as it gives you an extension to your home but doesn’t take up too much room.

You can use the extra space for many things and it can make home life feel less cramped. This style of area is ideal as a study, playroom or even just a sun-room to sit and relax in.

Deciding how big it will be is the first thing you need to consider. Your budget should be thought about as well.

Conservatories UK

Lean to ConservatoryManufacturers are now realising that people need cheaper options when looking at conservatories, and this DIY market has enabled them to still sell their products just in a different style. You can find many different lean to designs in your local DIY store and they will all come with detailed plans of how to put them up.

You should ensure that the lean to be placed on a solid base so that it is safe and secure and will not move easily.

Although this style of conservatory is cheaper, you will still need to think about your overall costs and what you will be spending the budget on. The materials for this style of conservatory are cheaper and of course, you will use less than a normal conservatory.

You should think about where to place the lean to conservatory and where you will have the door.

Planning Permission

Planning is essential with any type of building work even something so simple s a conservatory. You also should consider what materials to have for the roof as glass can be very expensive but will be the most watertight and weather proof. (conservatory roofing prices here: www.compareconservatorycost.co.uk)

There are several different designs of Lean to Conservatory to choose from and you want the one you choose to look similar to your house and windows. You want the conservatory to look great and not out of place in your garden.

If built well, you’re lean to will not only look fantastic but also add value to your house.

If you are considering selling the house, then any extra room will be a great selling point. The money you have saved with your lean to with enable you to buy some great furniture to be placed inside. You will have a peaceful retreat to go to at the end of a hard day which can be used for many other uses if need be.

Add More Space to Your Home with a Lean to Conservatory