Having Composite Doors Installed? Then Ensure Choosing a DGCOS Accredited Installer

There are so many aspects of ensuring that you choose the right composite doors for your property, whether you are purchasing for the front or the back.

You will, of course, need to consider the exact style of Double Glazed Doors that you are interested in and that will prove to be a good match for your property. Then, there is the matter of ensuring that you choose a reputable provider of composite doors… one that offers good quality, stylish and well-priced doors, in addition to being able to install them for you.

Composite DoorsIndeed, it is this latter priority that can cause a great deal of stress for those that are interested in buying composite doors. It’s also where the DGCOS can become so relevant. Fair enough, you might have found a company that offers a guarantee in addition to the perfect door for your home… but what if that company suddenly goes out of business, and you find yourself needing to make use of that guarantee? Well, it’s going to be pretty worthless.

Of course, there are other reasons why you may feel aggrieved by your chosen installer. The door that you purchased may have been poorly installed, or you may have been subject to some aggressive sales tactics. Whatever the reason for any discontent, it’s at times like these that you are likely to be thankful for someone to turn to… someone, or something, that can hold disreputable door installers to account and ensure that you receive a good quality of service.

It’s at this point that we may wish to give you more information about the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS).

Just what is the DGCOS, and why should I care?

composite doorsThe DGCOS is your safety blanket, as it were, in an industry that sadly has no shortage of cowboys. Whether you are looking for installers of composite doors, double glazing or conservatories, the bottom line is that you naturally don’t want to be without some kind of protection – and the DGCOS provides this.

When you place an order for composite doors with a DGCOS accredited installer, you should swiftly receive a peace of mind pack that consists of deposit protection, ombudsman protection, a 10 year insurance backed guarantee and a list of DGCOS accredited installers.

The merits of choosing a DGCOS accredited installer

By making your choice of composite door installer a DGCOS one, you can, of course, protect yourself from the cowboys – all DGCOS accredited installers are, after all, constantly vetted to ensure that they continue to provide high standards of customer service.

But of course, the DGCOS isn’t just about ensuring your own one-off protection against the cowboys – it’s also about helping reputable suppliers. such as french-patiodoors.co.uk to survive and thrive.

Do your bit when the time comes for you to choose a composite door installer – by choosing a DGCOS one!

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