Double Glazed UPVC Windows – what are the key features to look for?

Lot’s of homeowners choose to replace their windows as the first thing to do when looking at refurbishing the property. This has lead to the UK Double Glazed UPVC Windows market being a very busy and competitive one.

Double Glazed UPVC WindowsSo, if you are in the market for replacement windows, what are the key features to be looking for before you buy – here are 5 suggestions.

  1. Chambered Frames: The sides & tops of the window frames are made from UPVC profiles. The profiles themselves should feature multiple internal chambers. In short, the more chambers (6 or 7) the better the insulation properties. The chambers trap air and keep it still. This reduces heat transfer.
  2. Internal Window Beads: Window beads have replaced putty as the way to fix the window into the frame. If you have the beads on the inside, then they can’t be attacked by an intruder. This prevents the glass being removed from the frame from the outside.
  3. Trickle Vents: The basic trickle vent allows for draught free air ventilation. You may think this is the worst thing for energy efficiency, but if your home is highly insulated and does not have adequate ventilation, you will develop a nasty condensation problem. Trickle vents in double glazed windows help to prevent condensation.
  4. Multi-point locks: Your moving casement or sash should have locks that engage at more than one point. Modern multi-point locks do just that. The window is more secure.
  5. Gas filled Double Glazed Sealed Units: The double glazed sealed unit is the “engine” and is responsible the majority of the insulation (or lack thereof).  The sealed unit is basically a sandwich, with the glass as the “bread” and the gap between the panes as the “filling”. By using an inert gas instead of just air, you can increase the energy efficiency of the double glazed unit by a good amount.

These are not all the key features you can find, but if you want a secure, well insulated replacement window, then these items are the first to look for.

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Key Features of Modern Double Glazed UPVC Windows